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Used equipment market still going strong

Suppliers of used and refurbished equipment have responded to pandemic restrictions with approaches such as virtual inspections - to take advantage of rising demand for cans.

Despite the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic , business didn't stop at used and refurbished equipment manufacturer Cazander Bros & Sis based in the Netherlands, with both the company and its customers having to take measures to adjust to the new normal. 

At the onset of the restrictions imposed to contain the spread of Covid-19, Cazander had entered into a purchase commitment for a four-colour printing line with a British manufacturer. In spite of the challenges, including virtual inspections of machinery through photos and videos, it managed to transfer the complete line to a customer in Turkey. 

At the end of 2020, Cazander worked on a big project for a canmaker in Norway. The client, which manufactures three-piece cans mainly for the food sector, needed to relocate production lines of a newly acquired local business to its existing facilities.

After the succesful integration of both operations, Cazander took over a large stock of machinery, including individual items such as welders, seamers, flangers and presses, as well as complete canmaking lines. 15 truckload of equipment were acquired by the company. 

Also last year, Cazander sold a complete pail manufacturing line to a Spanish customer and relocated the machinery from Norway to Madrid. 

The company was also busy in the printing and coatings equipment segment. In December, it acquired a complete KBA printing line from a canmaker in the Netherlands, which is now available for purchase.


Danielle Ingram - Sayers Publishing
Danielle Ingram - Sayers Publishing

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